i'm the face behind the fabric.

my crafting journey began in earnest a few years after i settled into my post-college, professional life. i've always loved working with my hands and have been a bit of a hobby hopper my whole life. i love to try new things but when i discovered quilting for the first time, i was hooked and everything else took a back seat. if i could quilt 24/7, i would, but occasionally i need sleep, like to eat food, have to do chores and other not so fun stuff ☺ when all else fails, i know i have this little passion project to give me life. 

i love designing, looking at colors, shopping for supplies, and putting it all together. i'm constantly creating or thinking of my next endeavor whether or not i have a need for it. i opened this little shop so the things i create can be appreciated for years to come...instead of sitting in a closet collecting dust because i've run out of space in my home!

i live in the beautiful pacific northwest with my husband, chris, and our two tabby cat rescues, finn and frankie. i spent my early years in minnesota with my family of DIYers, so crafting feels like home.